Photo by: Taras Chernus

Your Sexuality is Beautiful & Other Bedtime Stories We Never Heard

Every human animal on this planet has been called into being by a profoundly creative and collaborative act.

And the armor is so heavy. It sabotages our ability to live and move freely in the world.

Sexuality — our relationship to and understanding of ourselves as sexual beings — isn’t just a thing we do. It isn’t a just something we play with or perform, it’s who we are on a fundamental level.

And I celebrate it when I connect intimately with another.

When something happens to me, it happens to the whole of me, every cell and system. So, I can’t file away any wounds or fears I have in regards to my sexualit as if they only happen way over there. In the bedroom.

Photo Credit: Gaelle Marcel

Denying our parts is an act of self-abandonment.

We’re the ones telling them they’re not good enough. That they don’t belong. That they’re wrong or bad or inappropriate. And while those beliefs may have been put there by someone else, we’re the ones perpetuating them.

We can’t take up more space by staying small.

And we won’t become whole by compartmentalizing ourselves, by keeping our aspects in neat little boxes, forcing them to obey and adhere to all the rules put in place for the sake of other people’s comfort.

Your sexuality is beautiful. Your spirit is infinite and shines like the sun. You are smart. You are are worthy. And your body is the most amazing thing about you.

Remember that when you’re arguing with your partner. When your toxic boss is on a rampage. When you’re chasing a deadline at 2am and the neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking.

She/her. Writer, embodiment researcher and trauma-informed coach. Comfort is underrated.

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